SYMBIOSIS Group of Companies are recognized as a hallmark of Quality and Excellence that have spread its wings throughout the length and breadth of the country from Srinagar to Kanyakumari and from Bhuj to Anjal. We are committed to relieve the sufferings of all living beings through our dedicated franchisers who have supported us a lot. These divisions are:-

1. Symbiosis Pharma          2. Symbiosis Healthcare   3. Symbiosis Dermis.

4. Symbiosis Biosciences   5. Coastal Healthcare        6. Polaris Healthcare

7. Materkin Formulations     8. Saitech Medicare          9. Polard Healthcar

10. Yellowstone Bioceuticals 11. Saitech Medicare 12. Seagate Biosciences

We are very privileged to serve various MNCs and reputed Pharma Limited Companies on third party basis. To name a few, (in alphabetical order)  Ambalal Sarabhai, Alchemist, A.N.Pharma, Bestochem, Cipla, Concept, D. R. John Healthcare, Gufic, Indoco, Khandelwal, Knoll, Lincoln, Lyka Export, Medley, Morepen, Nector Life, Nirma Life, Parabolic, Plethico, Radicura, RPG Life Sciences, Stadchem, Sterkem, Unimax and Unichem.

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